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Pine Creek Condominiums Contact Information:


The following information provides you with both casual and EMERGENCY contact information regarding to Pine Creek Condos. You may want to build some of these contacts into your "Contacts" page of your phone or Smart Phone for ready reference:


EMERGENCIES: For fire, burglary, vandalism, among other emergencies : Call 911


Pine Creek Property Management Company is Advanced Community Services (ACS). For structural problems (fire sprinkler leak, or other threatening problems) contact the property manager.  They are also responsible for all common-area issues (snow removal, landscaping, mowing, tree trimming, outdoor sprinkler systems, bookkeeping etc: also aware of Condos-for-sale issues): Contact ACS at  801-641-1844.

Your HOA Board of Directors: (non-compensated, volunteer positions)

        Note: Volunteers for Board positions are always welcomed and needed. Feel free to contact any of the above if interested in serving on Board.


Pine Creek Insurance Issues: To contact Pine Creek's insurer: Contact C&W Insurance; Clair Christofferson at 435-649-3354 or


Pinebrook Master Association: Each unit, through separate billing, pays $85 annually for access to Pinebrook neighborhood recreation / trail connections. Contact them for more information, maps, etc.  Contact Curt McNeeley or Dana Edmiston 435-649-4030.

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